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Following is a list of the supported gestures for OS 10.4 and greater, and the respective default functions that the driver sends to the application:

 2-Finger Gesture Function sent to API
  Zoom in   opt+f16 * 
  Zoom out  opt+f15 *
  Rotate CW  opt+f13 (5° increments);
  Rotate CCW  opt+f14 (5° increments)
  Vertical scroll  scroll messages - vertical
  Horizontal scroll   scroll messages - horizontal 
 3-Finger Gesture Function sent to API
  Swipe to right  command+] (forward)
  Swipe to left  command+[ (back)
 4-Finger Gesture Function sent to API
  Swipe to left/right  command+tab (app switcher)
  Swipe up  F4 (show desktop)
  Swipe down  F9 (show/hide exposé)

Notes: * Requires driver v.5.2.1 or later.