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Use the Wacom Device Kit to add a Wacom device to your application using a variety of low-level tools.
No license key is required in your application, as the tools are free to use, although you must accept a license agreement to download and use the tools.

The SDKs provide the ability to use Wacom devices with your application by accessing raw pen and touch data.

The Wacom Device Kit includes:

  • WinTab API
  • feel Multi-touch APIs
  • Bluetooth Stylus SDK 

The SDKs allow you to: 

  • Access raw pen and touch data from Wacom devices
  • Integrate for free

  • Work with specific operating systems

  • Maintain full control of the storage and rendering of pen data

Visit this page for a guide to SDK selection: Find the right SDK for your project



Available Platforms


Capture pen data from STU-series signature pads:

  • STU-300
  • STU-430
  • STU-500
  • STU-520
  • STU-530
  • STU-540
  • STU-541

Windows, Linux
Wintab API

Capture pen data from Wacom tablets and pen displays.

Compatible products

  • Intuos (CTL-480/CTH-480/CTL-680/CTH-680/CTL-490/CTH-490/CTL-690/CTH-690)
  • Intuos 4 (PTK-440/PTK-640/PTK-840/PTK-1240/PTK-540WL)
  • Intuos 5 (PTH-450/PTH-650/PTH-850/PTK-450/PTK-650)
  • Intuos Pro (PTH-451/PTH-651/PTH-851)
  • DTU-1031 (DTU-1031)
  • DTU-1031X (DTU-1031X)
  • DTU-1141 (DTU-1141)
  • DTH-1152 (DTH-1152)
  • DTU-1631 (DTU-1631)
  • DTK-1651 (DTK-1651)
  • DTU-1931 (DTU-1931)
  • DTU-2231 (DTU-2231)
  • DTK-2241 (DTK-2241)
  • DTK-2242 (DTH-2242)
  • Cintiq 12WX (DTZ-1201W)
  • Cintiq 13HD (DTK-1300/DTH-1300)
  • Cintiq 21UX 2 (DTK-2100)
  • Cintiq 22HD (DTK-2200/DTH-2200)
  • Cintiq 24HD (DTK-2400/DTH-2400)
  • Cintiq 27QHD (DTK-2700/DTH-2700)
  • Cintiq Companion (DTH-W1300)
  • Cintiq Companion 2 (DTH-W1310)
  • Cintiq Companion Hybrid (DTH-A1300)
  • ExpressKey Remote (EKR-100)
  • Wacom MobileStudio Pro (DTH-W1320/DTH-W1620)
  • Wacom Cintiq Pro (DTH-1320/DTH-1620)
  • Wacom Intuos Pro (PTH-660/PTH-860)
Windows, OSX
Wacom Digitizer Pen for Android APIThe SDK provides an API for the integration of pen technology in Android applications.Android
feel Multi-touch APIs

Wacom’s Feel™ Multi-Touch Application Programming Interface (API) enables you to build applications that use the powerful finger detection and location capabilities of the Wacom touch tablets. Use this stream of finger information to create unique features for your application, including custom gestures or direct on screen manipulation of objects.

MacOSX, Windows
Bluetooth Stylus SDK

The SDK includes support for the following stylus:

  • Intuos® Creative Stylus
  • Intuos® Creative Stylus 2
  • Bamboo™ Stylus fineline
  • Bamboo™ Fineline 2
  • Bamboo™ Fineline

Use the SDK is to:

  • discover and connect a stylus device
  • receive pen data including position and pressure
  • receive pen button status information
  • assist with touch rejection


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