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Download instructions:

Download the SDK from https://developer.wacom.com/downloads

  • Login using your Wacom ID
  • Select Wacom Device Kit
  • Select Bluetooth Stylus SDK for iOS

What you can do with the Bluetooth Stylus SDK for iOS

  • Pair your app with Wacom stylus products and iPads or iPhones by Bluetooth Smart, based on the Core Bluetooth framework.
  • Capture pressure data so that you can use it to add drawing or writing to your app.
  • Make your app easier to use by assigning a setting to stylus buttons.
  • Improve line quality in your app by letting the SDK handle touch information for you and by accessing coalesced touch information.
  • Enhance the accuracy of your app by incorporating touch rejection.

Integrating support for Wacom stylus products in your drawing or handwriting app gives your users a convenient way to work in your app.

Demo app and sample code

To use as a reference, access the sample code in the WacomStylusDemoApp folder of the SDK zip file. 

You can also build the Wacom Stylus Demo App to view an example of what an app using the SDK could look like on an iPad.

  1. From the Wacom_Stylus_SDK folder that you downloaded, open the WacomStylusDemoApp folder.
  2. Build the demo app.
  3. Open the demo app on your iPad.
  4. Hold your stylus slightly above the iPad and press the stylus button.
    1. A window opens displaying the name of your stylus. When your stylus has paired to your iPad, a checkmark appears next to the stylus name.
    2. Tap Done.
  5. With your stylus, tap Hand Position and select the option that most closely matches how you hold your stylus.
  6. Tap  if you want to turn touch rejection on. Tap it again to turn it off.
  7. Using your stylus, start drawing or writing in the blank space in the demo app to see how using the Wacom Stylus iOS SDK can be applied in your app.
  8. Tap Clear to clear the page.
    Note: Rotating your iPad also clears the page.

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